How to Create the Perfect Italian Easter Dessert Table

How to Create the Perfect Italian Easter Dessert Table

Even though we are only a few short weeks into Lent, many of you may have a longing for the things you have sacrificed like sweets, for example. The thought of waiting until Easter already has you dreaming of what your first sweet treat will be on Easter morning. Regardless of what you gave up for Lent, Easter marks a time of celebration.That’s why today we’re showing you how to create the perfect Italian Easter (or anytime, really) dessert table because who really wants to celebrate with a salad?!

Italian Easter Bread
Image credit: Christina’s Cucina

1. Decide on Your Menu- It’s no surprise that typical Italian celebrations involve A LOT of food and, of course, Easter is no different. While you and your guests might feel stuffed from the delicious pasta and lamb courses, a true Italian knows there’s always room for dessert! Traditional Italian Easter desserts include sweet Easter bread, braided and baked with dyed Easter eggs inside, Taralli Dolce Di Pasqua, aka Italian Easter Cookies, which are similar to Biscotti and are often dunked in coffee, or the savory Torta Pasqualina or Easter Pie which often consists of meat, artichokes, cheeses, mushrooms, spinach, and more. One thing you definitely can’t forget is the Italian chocolate Easter eggs which are often elaborately decorated and contain prizes inside!



2. Set the Table- If you’re going to spend hours in the kitchen making something as elaborate as Torta Pasqualina then why not show it off once it’s ready to be served! Make your dessert table come alive with spring-like pastel colors that match the Easter eggs in your Easter bread or the sprinkles on your cookies! Use several different sized cake stands to give the spread different eye-catching levels and depth. Maybe even display some daffodils or tulips in a vase for a fresh touch of spring. You could always make it fun by including a banner backdrop to top it off.

Easter Dessert
Image Credit: Kara’s Party Ideas


3. Dig in and Enjoy!- At the end of the day, what’s the sense in a beautiful Easter dessert table if you can’t enjoy the delicious desserts? Gather your family and share the love, it’s really what life’s all about anyway!

No matter what your spring or Easter traditions may be, we want to be a part of it! Click here to reserve your table or join us for our Easter Brunch on Sunday, April 16.